Doctor Visit

I hate going to the Doctor’s office. Today it wasn’t a check up for me, but for Beau, his two month, poor kid. They make you wait forever, so your kid(s) are getting restless and want to get out of this tiny room with no windows and go home, and then when the Dr. finally comes in, your poor kid gets a shot, or 3! NO wonder my elder son Drew hates the Dr. so much! After seeing it in print like that, I don’t blame him.
I remember being so ecstatic when Drew had his final well-baby check up, and there wouldn’t be another one scheduled for a whole year… then I realized I had to go through all the same stuff with Beau again. Including the traumatic circumcision…oh gosh…someone save me…what have I gotten myself into?
Well, today’s visit is thankfully over. And my little Beau is not so little. At two months old he is almost 15 lbs. and in the 95% for his weight and height. Where did this kid come from? My husband and I are both pretty small people- so we just didn’t expect to have a chunk for a baby, our first son wasn’t a chunk! Oh well, at least he’s is healthy and that is what is most important. I think I’m going to make it easy on myself though and hire a babysitter to take them to the Dr.
Just Kidding…


4 thoughts on “Doctor Visit

  1. Hey I hear you about doctors visits! They suck! And yes your kid is a chunk – thats how much Tasia weighed at 1 year!

  2. I didn’t have the circumcision at his birth because it is entirely too expensive to have it done at the hospital. It is about $400 less at the doctors office…

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