Locked Out

So today I was busying myself with watering my lawn. I went out the front door, told my 2 year old I’d be right back, and to stay inside. When I came back to the front door, there he was smiling at me through the glass. I turned the knob to discover he had locked me out! The little twerp! He would not unlock it either, he thought it was really funny and kept on laughing at me…

So what did I do… and how did I get back in…?

Fortunately, my back slider door was not locked and I was able to get in that way… and Drew.. well he’s not going to do that again!

I bought my tomato plants- now I just have to get my garden soil ready and put them in the ground. Actually I bought a leek plant and a rosemary plant too… I couldn’t resist- they were readily available and cheap at Home Depot. I used to hate that store, but now I love it…

This week my goal is to get out my sister’s bridal shower invitations, but seeing as that is contigent on her getting me the addresses, it probably wont happen. I asked her for them 3 weeks ago…do I have them yet? NO!!
Wish me luck…


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