Okay…for the record- I can barely stand to look at my own site anymore, it’s time for a change, and the Captivating thing needed to come down months ago! (Now if I can just learn how to change things up myself…I need a “How to Build Websites for Busy, Time-Consumed, Exhausted Moms” book, because I’m no Dummy. (Granted, the last statement is negotiable some days.) )

Anyways, ehem, I took some unconventional preggo shots today of my 5 1/2 month along belly. The pregnancy is going pretty well, this little girl is moving quite a lot, which is fun, unless you happen to be nauseated which seems to be happening to me a bit more lately, only at night and sometimes in the morning, so I guess it could be worse and I’m praying it doesn’t get worse! I go in for a check-up tomorrow…so I’ll update if there’s anything worth sharing.
Here’s some of the shots:

Not Swollen Yet...


9 thoughts on “

  1. I love the shots you used in those pictures! I will have to do a few of those when I have a belly! I still don’t look pregnant 😦 And I want to so badly…but I have stopped puking so the weight should be adding on soon!

  2. Cool shots! I’m excited now that it is getting close to the time I should start to feel something . . . but like I said before . . .I don’t think I’ll EVAH take belly pictures of myself. EVAH. And all due respect to Little Miss, but I really, really don’t miss my baby belly. The flutterings, yes, but the belly – no.

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