Labor Day Fun

I’m a little back-logged here… but hey, at least I have something to post about.
For Labor Day, we headed up to my old high school “stomping grounds,” Rifle Falls and the fish hatchery with some friends and family.
I had not been back up there since I graduated (15 years ago!) so I had forgotten what a great place it was. (Seeing as I was ready to do anything to get out of the town where I went to high school, that isn’t really a surprise.)

Rifle Falls is a (you guessed it!) water fall (actually 3) and there are also lots of caves to explore and a very mild hike you can take. It’s great for active kids (and kids who whine when you walk more than a quarter of a mile.)

And the Fish Hatchery is fun, just to watch the hordes of fish all together. (Just watch out for the cranky employee!) Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics at the hatchery. I was too busy trying to make sure Rory didn’t fall into one of the holding tanks with the fish.

Family at Rifle Falls
The Falls. It felt SO nice standing here with the mist hitting us on a hot, hot day!

In the Cave
One of the caves and all nine of our brood that day.

On the Bridge
It took several attempts to get this shot “right” and not a one of ’em was… haha!

Mommy and Beau
Beau and I on the upper part of the hiking trail.

I love the look of determination on my niece’s face here!

Crossing a bridge
Drew, no doubt, telling Beau and Zoe how it is.

Girlies Looking at the Drop
Bella, Selah and Rory looking down from the top of the falls.

Beau takes and unusual seat
No, Beau wasn’t really sitting on his buddy’s head…

The Ham
This girl. All personality.

The Drop

Best Girlfriends
Selah and Bella, didn’t really let go of each others hands the whole time.

Too much fun…


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