I’m Not Yelling At My Kids for 365 Days Straight

Somehow… I stumbled across this blog tonight. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Recently there have been quite a few changes happening in our lives, we’ve just gotten settled back in after what amounts to a 3 week vacation, and well, we are just busy busy all the time. I have had very little “me” time, if any. So what happened? I started yelling at my kids again, and feeling like a very crappy Mama. 😦 So I am feeling great that I came across this blog tonight, and I am going to take this challenge: I am not going to yell at my kids for 365 days. Hopefully I wont ever yell at them again, but hey, I AM actually human. I know… you had your doubts. 😉

So if you want to join me- please do. We can keep each other accountable. 🙂


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