A Mouse Story

I promised my sister I would tell this story. I had forgotten about it completely, until I uploaded a bunch of pictures from my phone to Flickr, and discovered it there. Then I promptly forgot about it again until Hannah texted me and said, “I just saw the mouse story on your Flickr page, WTH happened?? Eeeewwww!!!”

A Mouse Story

This is the picture.

This is the story:

So from time to time in our home, we will get a few furry visitors. Regardless of how cute they are, we cannot let them stay because, well, hantavirus. Most often they show up in our kitchen. But occasionally they show up in our bedroom. What you see in that picture is a mere two feet from where I lay my head at night. We had started by setting one mouse trap that consistently did not go off when the culprit would eat the bait. Then we set another one, and yet another one. One night, as I was soundly sleeping (it wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic if I was awake!) I woke up to the sound of several snaps and then scuffling. Yes, I heard the scuffling after the snaps. I laid there for a while, trying to think through the sleepy-headed fog. Then I tapped Kevin, my husband.

“Honey, did you hear that?”
“The mouse trap went off, but it sounds like it’s still moving.”
“It’s fine babe.”

I listened. Scuffle, scuffle.

“I can still hear it. It’s moving. I’m turning on the light.”

So I turned on the light, and lo and behold, what I saw is what I snapped a picture of. I do not remember taking the picture though. At this point, the poor injured thing made another attempt to escape, and I’m pretty sure I uttered a strangled scream. So Kevin got up and retrieved a dustpan to dispose of the thing before it went off to die somewhere in our walls and haunt us forever with noxious odors.
I’m not sure if I was just delusional at this point, but I swear it tried to jump up the dustpan when Kevin scooped it up, eliciting another yelp from me.

Strangely,we haven’t had any visitors since this one, not that I’m complaining.


2 thoughts on “A Mouse Story

  1. We had mice when I was pregnant with our 3rd child. One morning we caught a mouse but it was still alive. As soon as I walked my pregnant self into the kitchen it started moving which made me jump as high as any pregnant women can jump!

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