Something New

So last week, I finally had my first bonafide mountain bike ride! Kevin waited for me as I slowly made my way up the trail and I went together. Kevin has been mountain biking since he was a teenager, so he is waaaaaay better than me. (Not to mention his endless stamina, super-quick metabolism and superman strength, the man is an animal. Truly.)
We went out to the North Fruita Desert (at the end of 18 Road for you locals.) Rode up a lovely and slow-climbing (thank you Lord for your Mercy!) trail, and then down a really fun winding trail. I thought for sure my legs were going to be worthless the next day, but thanks to my last 4 months of working out- they weren’t! Yahoo! I was pretty worried about falling, and so have been fairly timid in my approach to mountain biking. (Hey, I had a friend who took a spill and half of his face was one big scab. No joke.) I did fall once on the downhill. I hit some sand, felt the bike going over and hopped off before I could hit the ground. I was relieved to get that out of the way, and to gain a little more confidence in my “bailing” skills. I still plan on taking it easy and being cautious. Thoughts of trying to take care of my household of 6 people with a broken leg or something will definitely keep me in check, but I can’t wait to get back out there and do it again!



Bikes in the back


2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. You’ve been blogging like a champ all this time!! I was just looking back over all your photos down the pages with Jason, and I kept saying “Ooo!! Look!” because it’s all so pretty. Well done! Now I feel like even more of a loser/slacker.

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