Telluride, July 14

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to drop everything, pack ourselves into the car and drive the 2-ish hours it takes to get to the beautiful mountain town of Telluride. This is something we like to do at least once a year (and wouldn’t you know it? We actually did go to Telluride exactly a year before!) We’d been desperately needing a break and some fun.
On the way there, we stopped in Ridgeway for a bathroom break, and decided to go ahead and eat lunch there at a cute little burger joint on the main road.
When we arrived in Telluride, we parked at the far end of town by the park and the skate-park and got out to check around, play in the grass and on the play-equipment.


This is where both Kevin and I pulled out our iPhones and never stopped shooting for the rest of the day…


There was a lot of rain, off and on throughout the day, which was a welcome change for us. We’d been enduring really hot temperatures at home and almost two solid months without rain.


Beau and I keeping dry on the playground together… and making use of my long hair. What good is it if you can’t have any fun, right?


We then decided to leave our car parked in the free parking lot (probably the only drawback to Telluride is the paid parking everywhere in town) and just leg it everywhere else. One thing we did not miss this year, was the stroller. And neither did my little free-spirit, Rory, either.
Telluride has this great gondola that they run all year round, and it is free to ride in the summer because it is considered public transportation. It’s one of our favorite things to do and one of the best ways to get a breathtaking view of the town and the surrounding scenery. (Sorry to sound like a travel agent… it’s just, true.)
Here we all are just before getting on the gondola.

Looking at the view
Looking down at the city of Telluride, just before Rory broke into a rousing and incredibly cute rendition of “I’m a Little Tea-pot.”

Gondola Ride

The gondola takes you to Mountain Village, which is the ski-resort side of Telluride. In the summer, a few of the stores and restaurants are open up there. There are usually a few vendors of different sorts scattered throughout the square, and there’s also a park and a big ‘ol climbing boulder that we discovered for the first time this time.

There’s a fantastic see-saw at the park up there, with shiftable weights on it, so you can balance out any weight discrepancies. As you can see, it was Rory on the other side of myself here…

Then Selah and Kevin decided to join in on the fun. This is my “squeal” face. I’m just holding on for dear life and trying to document the moment.

The Boulder. Wherein Beau will show us his fearless climbing prowess.

Beau the Monkey

Drew was a little more hesitant and cautious, but overcame, nonetheless.

Rick climbing

Kevin and I climbed it as well (twice!), but the photos of myself are on his phone… I know what you’re thinking… “Photos, or it didn’t happen!” Haha.

Made it to the top
Here you go, the view from the top. πŸ˜‰

Enjoying the art that is all over the place! Yay, art!

We ate dinner at nice little grill down town, sat outside and enjoyed a rainy dining experience. Thank goodness for umbrellas!

A handsome dude
A content and happy hubby.

After dinner, we decided to trek around the town a little bit before we went back to the car. We also decided that some dessert would be nice, so when another downpour met us, we ducked inside a little diner called Maggie’s and enjoyed some baked treats.

We sat outside and watched the rain fall, and laughed at Selah’s chocolate mustache.


Then it was off to the bathrooms before we headed back to our car.
We gotta go pee!
As you can see, we were having way too much fun. πŸ˜‰

Women's bathroom sign

Making our way back through the park to our trusty Suburban.

The scene from the bridge.

So with good food in our bellies, well-exercised bodies, and contentment in our hearts, we left. The girls fell asleep before we even made it out of the city limits.

This was the scene over the pass on the way back.



6 thoughts on “Telluride, July 14

  1. It is a post like this that makes me hate work:) I am sooooooo envious.
    My friend went to the San Juan Islands in the NW (one of my favorite places). My cousin went to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula. My grandkids went to Telluride.
    I went to work.

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