Blessed with some Photos

Today I am sitting outside with my three youngest children, enjoying the summer heat. (Drew is off on an extended bike ride with Kevin.)  I am finding myself feeling very thankful for my family and my home, and my hard-working hubby. We are a small percentage of the world that gets to enjoy carefree moments like this one. We are blessed, indeed.

Here are some recent and random shots.
7 Days, Day 2

Here is a recent self portrait of me and my bedroom mural… The mural is not quite finished yet, I think I will add a small bit of color to the bird, and then I need to touch up the rest of the black.
7 Days, Day 1: Me and the Four

Another self portrait with all of the kiddos.  It may or may not be surprising to some how hard it is to coordinate a shot like this with four wiggly and “hard of hearing” little kids.

Rory at the park

Rory likes to slide!

Evidence. I actually ran today. Maybe 2 miles, 5.5 miles total active walking/running.
I have been working out for about 2 months straight now, and once a week Kevin and I go running in the hills out behind our house. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to run 3 miles without stopping several times now. (I know that’s not much compared to what some people can run, but it’s a big deal for me.)

Me and Beau laughing like crazy people
Beau and I were goofing around a while back, taking photos. It’s too bad there’s no audio with this shot, because is laughing so hard he can barely contain himself. He’s a funny kid.

Drew's Comic
A comic that Drew drew. I believe he sent this one to his uncle Philip. He’s getting pretty creative these days.


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