I’ve had a few (paying!) commissions for pottery as of late. Even though, I’m still not as fast as I’d like to be, I’m pleased with the fact that I’ve been able to buckle down and create some good work. And I think (as long as the firing process, which I have no control over, doesn’t hold me up) that they’ll be completed soon.
On the roster: a set of soup mug/bowls, whatever you’d like to call them, and a countertop utensil holder, as well as a dish to hold “leaky” salt and pepper mills.

Utensil Holder
Utensil holder in the raw.

The whole collection of soup mugs and the utensil holder.

Soup Bowls
Bowl/mugs, raw. Currently, they have all been trimmed, signed and had handles attached, and are awaiting a good bisque firing.

Salt and pepper mill holder, raw.
Raw salt and pepper mill holder. This was hand built, rather than spun on the wheel. I’ve been making a lot of things without any tools other than my hands lately, and enjoying the organic look of the things.


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