I’ve been sitting here looking at blogs this morning, thinking “I NEED TO WRITE! AHHHH!” Once again, it’s been too long. Honestly, I did start a post in the last 2 weeks to check in with you all. It was entitled, “The Vomit Apocalypse.” I decided you didn’t really need to know all about that. The title is plenty descriptive.

Things have just been busy and changing around here again, and we are all settling in, and getting used to our new schedules, hence I haven’t had time to collect my thoughts and put them into an intelligent post for you to read. I hope I’m able to remember all of the topics I wanted to write about and at some point sit down and get it all out. My recall function has never quite recovered. I blame my four children. 😀

Here’s a few of the photos I managed to take, which wasn’t much, but better than nothing at all!

Book Terrorizer
The reason why we don’t ever get books from the library…

See Mom?
I regret to inform you that a book was harmed before the making of this photograph.

Chicken Tikka Masala
This is Chicken Tikka Masala, and it is do die for!
My friend, Sara, had this great idea to come up and cook dinner with me, so we could kind of have a family “date night” of sorts, and eat a delicious meal without the price tag. She chose this recipe from Pioneer Woman, and it was most definitely a hit. (Also, Kevin took this shot. It was better than the one I shot.)

I’m sure you are beginning to get the picture, here, that I have more time to shoot photos when my babies are sleeping… Pretty soon, I’ll have enough photos of Selah sleeping to make a book!

Shhh! Mom!
What happens when mom makes too much noise with the camera: baby changes position and is no longer as cute as before…

Up next- Drew turns (has already turned, actually) nine!


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    • Whoops, I hit that button too soon! 🙂 He used to find a small tear and then make it bigger, sort of like some people can’t not pick a scab. It was so frustrating, and we’re actually still being very careful with library books… I really don’t want to end up paying more than what the book costs to replace it!

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