Outside, Yesterday

I don’t know what the deal is with the weather here lately. And I’m not complaining. It’s been really warm and more like March weather than January weather. Yesterday was a gorgeous day and we finally got the memo and went outside to enjoy it. This is good because today we are back to normal January weather: grey and gloomy and foreboding.

I hadn’t pulled out my camera at all last week, so I took the opportunity yesterday to grab some shots and take advantage of the warmth and the natural light.

Kevin, of course, takes advantage of the nice weather in his own way. You’ll never see a more sharply dressed (and handsome) man on a skateboard.

I really liked this one because it looks like everything is moving but Kevin.

Somebody else likes to be on the ramp too.


Doting Daddy
I call this one Doting Daddy; Distracted Daughter.

King of the Ramp.

To the trampoline!

War Cry
Beau is… saying something.

Full Blast
We cried.

Not Pleased
And then it’s over.

She Wields it Well
Uh-oh! She’s got a hose full of water!

Has Just Discovered Water

My gorgeous little Princess.

Still for a Moment
Taken while on mommy’s hip.

Want Up
Up, Mama!


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