Lately I’ve been taking a little more of an active role in my husband’s business. I’ve even been calling it our business. I’ve always taken care of our books, but recently I’ve been going on more shoots with him, kind of being an assistant of sorts. A couple of weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to go and stay in Snowmass, to shoot a commercial on the ski slopes there. Did I mention this job sucks? (That’s sarcasm, by the way.)

We have some really great clients, and they invited us to stay with them at their lovely house. They treated us to a dinner out, and then cooked breakfast and dinner for us the next day! Wow. It is so nice to be valued.

Shadows on Snowmass Mountain

Shooting on the mountain definitely had it’s challenges… It was a whole lot of stop and go, pull out the camera, try to communicate what kind of shot we’re trying to get, and shoot. And hope for the best. I did not do any of the videography on the hill. Mostly, I was just there for moral support. (Though I did use my awesome powers of neat handwriting and great spelling, so Kevin could dictate his commercial ideas to me, the night before.)

In His Element

Snow Run
It was also frigid on that mountain. Wait, let me say that again. IT WAS FRIGID! Also, it was absolutely beautiful up there… sigh… mountain views for miles on end…

Colorado Mountains


I was sore ALL over the place the day after the shoot, but it was definitely worth it…

Cameras and Snowboards

Geez, my life is hard. šŸ˜‰


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