Selah’s Birthday!

Happy Princess

So a few weeks ago, we threw a birthday party for Miss Selah. This one was super fun for me because I got to use some of my creative talents to add to the fun for once. We had a few friends and family over, served tacos, and then I pulled out the face paint, which turned out to be a hit.

Zoe Getting her Stars
My niece, who had requested stars…

Pink Stars

Pirate Beau
Captain B. Hook!

Drew as Some Sort of Pokemon
Drew requested to be a Pokemon character…

The Pie
Strawberry cream cheese pie with graham cracker crust. Definitely my favorite pie ever. The kids (and my mother) however, ate the gluten free chocolate cupcakes I made…

Super Excited
Bad fuzzy pic of Selah’s excited face! (Also… there has to be a similar shot of me serving the birthday cake/pie/whatever for pretty much every birthday party we’ve done… too funny.)

Selah, Checking Out Her Cupcake
Mmmmm…. cupcakes made from Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix. Pretty much tastes better than chocolate cake with gluten in it! For the record, I am not gluten-free. My mother is, and so… I make various gluten free foods for her when she comes over, because I’m awesome. 😉

Putting on Presents
Trying on the princess shoes, and the dress. The dress came from my parents, and I tell you, there has not been one day since her birthday that she hasn’t worn it! She LOVES that thing!

Cannot believe my little bundle of girl-joy is already four. It truly feels like I just gave birth to her yesterday… My how quickly life changes. Happy Birthday Selah! You are loved, my beautiful little princess!

As always, more pics on my flickr page. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Selah’s Birthday!

  1. I know what you mean. I am starting to freak out that my baby is going to be 4 next month! Where did the time go???? I plan on getting her the tangled dress up dress for her birthday!

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