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Well, yesterday I turned 32.  Thirty-two. I can’t quite wrap my head around it.  Most of the time I still feel like I’m 19.  Or maybe 25.  But not 32.

But, like I was telling my husband on our little birthday date yesterday, I wouldn’t trade where I was at when I was 25 for where I am now (or where WE are at now.) We’ve come such a long way in our 11 years together, and I am happy with the progress we’ve made.  I hope we continue to change and become better people on a daily basis and continue to make progress as a couple and as a family.

Recently we’ve implemented a few things to upgrade the quality of our life.  For me, it was adding physical activity, learning how to define and defend my boundaries, providing myself with opportunities to create and to share.

For my physical activity, I’ve taken up running, biking and walking in the mornings by myself.  The “by myself” is an important part of that.  I need my alone time to be able to think, meditate, pray and basically just get myself centered so I can better give of myself to my family.  The “running/biking/walking” part is also important, well, for kind of obvious reasons.  It’s a good thing to be in shape.  Helps your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health immensely.  And it’s been very good for me, as I was having a little struggle with depression (again) recently.

Learning how to define my boundaries has become an important thing because I’m a people pleaser, and sometimes, that causes me lots of problems, and therefore, unhappiness. (Can I get a witness?) This is not really anything new for me, so I suspect I’ll forever be learning how to say “no”, “maybe another day”, “I’m not into that”, etc. etc. etc.  Really, I’m learning how to be okay with not pleasing everyone all the time. I can also guarantee I’ll have more to add on this particular subject later…

Pottery, drawing, writing, just plain creating (lots of things fall under this, because I like to do it all) are all part of providing myself with opportunities to create and share. Getting this new computer played a huge part in that! So I am very thankful for it! I am also making a concerted effort to get to the pottery studio each week from here on out.  I also have plans to paint a mural (of sorts) on my bedroom wall, and continue on with various sewing and knitting projects.  What I’d also like to do more of is photography and drawing.  So… I’m hoping to integrate those into my crazy schedule somewhere.  We’ll see.

The other thing Kevin and I have done very recently is hire his wonderful mom to come in and be our personal assistant.  Mostly she has just been helping me out with all four of the kids.  (It is still kind of amazing how overwhelming quality care of four kids can be to even just the two of us! Well, that and housework. Being a good parent is hard work, and “it takes a village!”)  Soon, we’ll get her working with Kevin a little more and helping him with various different ventures.  She has been a godsend and Kevin and I both feel significantly less stressed and a whole lot more productive with her help.

So that’s more or less where I’ve been lately.  I’d like to say that I’ll be blogging more now, but I can’t really make that promise.  I HOPE I’ll be blogging more!

Just Me. 7 days, Day 1


6 thoughts on “Life, Currently

  1. I am also a people-pleaser. It sucks! Guilt, reliving conversations and looks and tone of voices…. Bleh. I’ve been getting better lately, but it’s still there. I feel your pain!

    I don’t think I knew you knit! I’d love for you to come to our weekly knitting group if you’re ever able. It’s Saturday mornings at 9 at various places around town. We’re called Weekly Fiber; look us up on Facebook. We always post where we’re meeting at least a few days before. We usually meet at kid-friendly places, too (parks, mall playplace, Main Street Bagels) so feel free to bring however many of your kids you’d like.

  2. I know what you mean about getting older. I feel like my birthday is approaching too fast and then I will be 33…yipes! Happy Birthday…32 looks good on you 🙂

  3. You look so pretty. And so do your floors. And I was just saying on facebook how nice it would be to hire a personal assistant, and here you went and actually DID IT. Smart, that’s what that is. 🙂 Happy birthday!

  4. Wow, I was really behind on blogging because I didn’t even realize you had the new site. =) Loved this post, your picture is beautiful and I love the real and honest quality of what you shared. Maybe that’s another great thing about getting a little older. We recognize what is really important, we are more honest about who we really are and what we need, and instead of fighting it, we try to bring glory to God in the midst of it. Happy birthday!!

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