For Mother’s Day

You are the best mom ever.

I thought I’d share Beau’s gift to me… It starts with the above picture, and when you open it there’s a booklet, and the first page contains a questionnaire.

What is your mom’s age? 24, she’s not old. (If only, Beau, if only.)

What is your mom’s name? Sara, like Danny’s mom. (Uh, for the record, my name is spelled with an ‘h’.)

What is your mom’s job? She doesn’t have one yet (I think this is my favorite answer! Bahahahaha!)

What is your mom’s favorite thing to do? Go on vacation (Pretty close… and there are many thing I consider a “vacation.”)

What do you do that makes your mom laugh ? Pillow fights and tell jokes.

What is the prettiest thing about your mom? She dresses up nicely. (Is that all?)

If your mom was a Disney princess, which would she be? She likes pink, she would have a dress. (Good to know.)

What is your mom’s favorite color? Pink (Actually… it’s purple.)

Why did you get your mom, and not a different mom? Because she got me out of her belly. Babies come out of belly buttons, right? (Glad he didn’t inform the interviewer where they really come from, because he does know.)

What kind of little girl was your mom? I haven’t seen her when she was little. (That’s right, I’m big.)

What is your favorite thing about your mom?She’s really, really nice. Sometimes she gets mad at me and Drew. (Wait a minute, he likes that I get mad at him and Drew? *wink*)

What is your favorite thing to do with your mom? Go out out on dates. (That’s my favorite thing to do with him too.)

If you could go anywhere with your mom, where would it be? Legoland, and Disneyland, and Mesquite to see Papa Decker. (Good choices, buddy.)

What is the difference between moms and dads? Daddies are boys and mommies are girls. (And so much more…)

Why did your mom marry your dad ? When they were little they were boyfriend and girlfriend. (Again, we’re big now.)

What did your mom have to know about your dad before they were married ? That he makes people calm down. (When asked what he meant by this, he said that Daddy makes Mommy calm down. Baha!)

What do you want to thank your mom for? Treats, and Legoland!

Turtle for mothers day

And Drew constructed is little Lego turtle for me, a very creative and thoughtful thing to do. He said he would have gotten me a real turtle if dad had taken him to the pet store… 😉

Hope you all are having/had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


One thought on “For Mother’s Day

  1. What an endearing post! Thank you for sharing. P.S. Thank you for making my Mother’s Day so special with your card!!!!

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