The Floor

Oh, the floor. So, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… wait a minute, no, um, long ago, when Kevin and I were just getting married, we had the hardwood floors in our cute little house re-finished. We loved them, and have adored hardwood floors ever since. When we bought this house, and gutted it and replaced just about everything in it, (except for the hot tub in the basement, we didn’t replace that) we chose to put carpet in. Probably because it was cheaper. We have regretted that decision ever since. So recently, my husband has been working with a flooring company, and we again became enamored with the idea of getting hardwood floors put in. So we did our research, looked at samples, Kevin worked out a proper trade with the flooring company, and here we are, (three weeks ago) starting on a huge flooring project. Originally, we thought we’d have the project done in two weeks. Buuut, we had a little problem that took longer than expected…yeah, I know, typical for construction. Remember that hot tub I mentioned before? Yeah, well, it was in our basement, with no ventilation, since 1978, until 7 years ago when we sawed the thing into four pieces and hauled it out the front door to the dump. So, hot tub + no ventilation = wavy subfloors. Also, the hardwood we bought, needed to be nailed down into wood that wasn’t particle wood, which was what our wavy subfloor consisted of. So my dad, whom we have hired to do the entire flooring job, had to replace the entire subfloor. Big job. Took two whole weeks all by itself, and oh yeah, that was just the living room, and the master bedroom. Yes, we still have the hallway and the kids rooms to do. I’m told that will probably be another two weeks. All this week though, the harwood has been put down in the living room, and master bedroom, and will most likely be finished by the end of the day. Yay! In the mean time, Kevin and I have been staying out in our playroom, and I’m very much looking forward to getting back into my own room.

The gaping hole in our living room... Sub-floor replacement.
When it looked like this at the beginning and I began to realize it might take awhile, I just kept trying to focus on the end product.

Sub-floor in the living room is mostly down!
Then the new, and not wavy, but nice and solid subfloor went in, after extensive work to level out the floor joists, etc… My poor dad… I thought “my poor dad” through a lot of this project, and I’m sure I’ll think it some more before its done.

My dad loves my mom...
But he’s kept a great attitude throughout the whole project even in the face of setbacks, and unplanned purchases, and staples that bend when they get shot into the hardwood. I know he very much misses my mom who has elected to stay at their home 70 miles away during the week. This is him throwing her the “I love you” sign.

Nice work! Woohoo!
He is doing an absolutely top notch, terrific job, and the floors look gorgeous.

Love the Variance
So, I haven’t had the best of attitudes during this whole thing. In fact I think I might be losing my mind a little bit. But. I think it will definitely be worth it.


One thought on “The Floor

  1. we bought our second home because it has almost all hardwoods. We have had to rip out one room and a hallway of carpet. And we replaced some parquet floor with the same floor that was in the living room. I feel your pain 🙂 But you will be so glad once its over!

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