A Snapshot

So… I’m about a third of the way through with uploading and editing, tagging and organizing all our fall vacation photos. It’s going to take me some time, so I thought I’d put one pic up for you…

Looking for Pale and Handsome Strangers....

Yes… yes, we did indeed go to Forks, WA… land of the vampires and werewolves where it is permanently Twilight…
We didn’t originally set out to go there… it just kind of happened. We had decided to take the ferry on our last morning in Seattle, and once over on the side of the Olympic Penisula, decided to keep driving. We ended up staying the night there, and giggled at the novelty of the town. Oddly enough, even though we got there at about sunset, the sun was indeed shining that day. But the next morning when we got up it was dark and drizzly…


2 thoughts on “A Snapshot

  1. ya, been there……did you make it up the columbia to there the dance was held and if you did, I’m going to be a tad upset with you. cuz i would have driven to meet up with you!!! you don’t drive through the portland area without stopping to say HI!.

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