The Vacation, Part III

Omigosh, you guys! I’m still reporting about the vacation that took place over a month ago… but I guess that’s just the way it goes. Life has been super busy and packed, but I’m determined to chronicle this stuff. I’ll just have to step it up a little and stay on top of all the happenings and so on.

So here we go! The main reason we went, or rather, our “Lighthouse”, or motivation, or whatever you want to call it, was to take the kids to LEGOLAND. I will fess up here, and say that I had unrealistic expectations for LEGOLAND, such as that I would actually get to ride more than one ride, ehem, but, once I changed my perspective, I was really glad we took the kids. The boys had a really fun time, and so did S.

At the gates, first thing in the morning. Luckily, some guy who was selling two for one coupons found us, and we were able to save about $90 off the entrance fee, and we also got admission to the aquarium next door. (I’m pretty sure the aquarium was my favorite part.)

S was terrified of this guy. She screamed and quickly belted herself back into the stroller!
And as evidenced on B’s face, he wasn’t exactly thrilled about him either. Heh. Silly kids.

Taller than Bob

Just one of the many Lego sculptures around the park.

Two Cuties!

Daddy and R waiting while I rode the only ride I rode that day with D, B, and S.

Beau Digs it!

S was giggling the whole time we were on this little ride. Totally worth it.

The kids waiting to go on a cooler ride. One with lazer guns and flashing lights! Oooooh!

Way Public Nursing!

And this is what I did while I waited for them… nursed R in probably the most public place ever… (which I am totally FOR, btw. Just worry about having to deal with some sort of confrontation from a disgruntled whoever. I am so not a fan of confrontation.)


As harmonious as they get.

Drew Participates

Drew volunteered for one of the little street plays. I was so proud of him for doing it, because this is the sort of thing that would have terrified me as a kid. In fact, it still terrifies me as an adult. Ha ha!


Having a blast on what basically amounted to a huge fun treehouse of sorts. Lots of places for the little ones to play, which I thought was super cool.

On our last day, after sauntering around the beach and the pier one more time, we drove around for a bit and found this cool little park in Dana Point overlooking the beach and the ocean. It was so nice!

Ocean View

(As a weird aside, it appears to also have been the park where our internet buddy, GirlwithaGreenCard, who we met in person the next day, got married. Of all the places!)

And as I mentioned, our impromptu internet meet-up with this lovely lady was on our way out of town…

All of us minus Kev
She directed us to the healthiest food we had while we were there. It was a much needed reprieve from the greasy diner food previously eaten. I also enjoyed sharing my lunch chips with her adorable little son. What a cutie!


We can’t wait to come back and visit the squirrelies soon!


3 thoughts on “The Vacation, Part III

  1. Oh my goodness you’re so lucky! I’ve been wanting to take my boys to legoland! I SO enjoyed seeing all your happy photos. It looks like a dream day for kids. Your entire vacation looks so fun though.

  2. We have not done legoland yet. But my boys are so addicted to Star Wars legos, it is a little ridiculous… So, maybe soon. We’ll see…

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