The Vacation, Part 1

So back BEFORE B started kindergarten… we took a vacation. Our trusty Suburban had become not so trusty over the last year, and we waffled and went back and forth trying to decide what to do about it. Long story short, we had it fixed and promptly decided to give it the ultimate test by driving through the Mojave out to San Diego. Actually, we really just felt like we needed to take a vacation for our overall and general family health. So we picked a destination, which was Legoland and the nearby beach, booked a hotel and hit the road.

All of Us
First we stopped and visited Papa D on our down. It was late and the kids were antsy after having been in the car for 6+ hours, so we decided to wear them out and take the bowling for the first time ever.

S had an inclination to kick the ball…

They Love Each Other so Much
This is what I mean by “antsy”… (and this may have still been after the bowling.)

We got up super early the next day to try an make it to the beach by the early afternoon. And even with a pit-stop in Barstow, we were still pretty successful.

We hung out at this pier pretty much every day we were there. It was a good activity for our little family. The boys were enamored with the fishers, and it was easy to push the girls in the stroller. They also had a nice little 50’s restaurant at the end, which we dined in twice. The first night we went out, we noticed that we could feel the whole thing swaying a wee bit, which was kind of… well, interesting, if you didn’t think about it too much.

Selah's Birthday Sunday
We also celebrated S’s birthday out there, and she was pretty thrilled to have this thing all to herself.


3 thoughts on “The Vacation, Part 1

  1. I’m thinking we need a vacation too. I like the way you put it for the overall and general family health. Yes I think one is in order here as well. We’ve got 4 weeks to get one in.

  2. What a birthday Sundae.

    With a little more stage dressing the first picture could look like an album cover for Grandma’s feather bed….

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