Singin’ and Dancin’ Girl

Future Cheerleader

This pic was taken a while back (notice the longer bangs?), but too cute not to share. S has been doing her own performances lately, this being one of them. She likes to dance and sing, and generally make noise. The other day, she even grabbed the children’s acoustic guitar we have and sat down and strummed while she serenaded Kevin. She has such a sweet personality, and a soft little voice. (She still gets into more than her share of trouble though!) She’s finally starting to talk more and even began counting and pointing out colors to me recently. We are still working with her on using words instead of fussing for things, and we are also still working on potty training. We are making significant headway in both areas, thank goodness! (I cannot tell you how relieved I will be when I no longer have to buy diapers for any of my children! Ack!)


Her she is with her big brothers in her Easter dress… She’s in that stage where she doesn’t often want to smile for the camera…


3 thoughts on “Singin’ and Dancin’ Girl

  1. I love her Easter dress. I have seen some pillowcase dresses I think that is what they are called that are really cute too. The joys of having girls you get to dress them all cute and pretty 🙂

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