Days 4, 5, 6 & 7

I didn’t realize I was that far behind… whoops!

7 Days, Day 4: Mother Daughter
Day 4: Mother Daughter- wherein I realize my daughter actually might look a bit like me… (I still think she takes quite a bit of her looks from my in-laws side of the family, in particular, Kevin’s paternal grandmother.)

7 Days, Day 5: Dinner
Day 5 with a theme: Dinner- this is a rather literal interpretation of the theme this day, with a goofy spin from me. Had to do parent teacher conferences this day, so ended up eating by myself, more or less. And yes… I’ve been accused more than once of drowning my salad with my dressing… (blue cheese!)

Ten Years
Day 6 should have it’s own post really… I think I may just do that…

My Bestie
Day 7: My Bestie. Friday night we had the rare opportunity to meet up with our best friends. I’ve known Mel for 20 years now. I still remember the day she walked into my 5th grade classroom and I thought, “That girl is gonna be my best friend.” Little did we know that ten years later, we’d be related by marriage and our children are related by blood. (Our hubbies are second cousins.)


3 thoughts on “Days 4, 5, 6 & 7

  1. Sarah, Let me help you explain a bit more clearly the relationship between best friends and relatives: The mother of your best friend’s hubby was the best cousin of your hubby’s mother. Very clear, right? Well, then, how about: The mother in law of my maid of honor was maid of honor to my mother in law. I know, I know: The sister in law of my mother in law’s mother is the grandmother of my best friend’s husband. Well, I am sorry if it is not clear yet, It’s late, I am going to bed.

  2. Thanks for posting a pic. It really seems like yesterday we were the kids. What happened to the last 20 years? Its been so fun growing up with you. I wouldn’t change a thing, except hanging out with you a lot more than we have been lately.
    Love ya bunches,

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