Day 3: I’m a Chew Toy

Yes indeed.

7 Days, Day 3:  Chew Toy

Going back to the style discussion in my last post; sometimes it is definitely “my style” to go without makeup. I don’t particularly mind if I’m seen without it, but I definitely don’t like pictures of myself without it. So yesterday, yes, you guessed it, I wasn’t wearing any makeup and didn’t feel like putting any on just to take a shot. Plus, Rory is super cute, and always a welcome sight… so here’s an aspect of myself that I don’t often think about showcasing… being a human teether. Also- proof that my four month old really is teething.


One thought on “Day 3: I’m a Chew Toy

  1. I’m the same way. Never wear make up don’t mind being seen without it but if you are going to take a picture of me I would prefer to be wearing some.

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