The 7 Days Group is at it Again

7 Days, Day 1:  Spring!

For those of you who don’t know, or need your memory refreshed, 7 Days is a group of photographers (from amateurs, like myself, to professionals) who all get together for one designated week every season and take self portraits and add them to a group pool on Flickr. Then we all check out each others work, make comments and enjoy each others online company for a week. It’s great for seeing some really amazing creativity, for finding inspiration, for pushing yourself to perform (to be on time, to deliver quality, to be creative, to stick-to-it.)

This is my first entry for the week, which started yesterday, on the first official day of spring. My parents came down to visit for the day and we took a nice little walk around the neighborhood, which is where I decided to take my pic. I guess my unofficial goal for this round is to get out of the house more and show some of the beautiful area in which I live. (Those of you who live here know exactly what I’m talking about!)


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