I Recommend…

Rory in Her new Pop-a-Tot

I got this activity center for Rory a little while back, and think it is the greatest thing! It folds up just like one of those canvas chairs you take camping or to the beach with you, and it’s only 8 lbs. It has spots to attach toys, and put a drink or snack (when she’s a little older.) And for all the options that I think trump the other options out there, it’s about half the price! You can check it out for yourself here. I ordered straight from the owners, and they’re quality people, super accommodating and all about customer service.

Also… something about her expression here reminds me of my hubby’s cousin, Adam. (Which I know means nothing to some of you… sorry bout that!)


4 thoughts on “I Recommend…

  1. You are so right, she really does look like Adam in this Pic. How funny how the gene pool works, who would of thunk! Love ya bunches,

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