Miss Rory Grace

One of my recent favorites. Sporting a hat (that was actually made for Selah) by Miss Allison, no less.

Serious Face
Rory has got quite the mop of hair and it’s getting bigger and bigger. It also seems to be red. I say “seems to be” because in some lights it still looks light brown-ish, but in natural light, and especially the sunlight, it looks Quite red, and the more that comes in, the more you can see it. You can kind of see it in this pic (at least you can on my monitor.)
This is also one of her more serious moments. This girl is mostly smiles and sunshine when she is awake. (Seriously!)

Nursing Before Bedtime
Nursing before bedtime. This is my snuggle time with Rory and one of my favorite times of the day.

Rory's Profile
With her finger in her mouth. She is constantly chewing on her fingers, and her shirts have begun to be perpetually soaked with slobber. Yes… all of my children have been early teethers… oh well.

Chewing on her Fingers
And again with the fingers… (Oh, and the red hair! Can you see it?)

And I leave you with this adorable one. She was completely asleep, and somehow her hand ended up here in this funny position. Have your young babies ever done something like that?


7 thoughts on “Miss Rory Grace

  1. Ha ha it looks as though shes smoking an invisable doobie,something I know nothing about though,and yes in that picture her eyebrows look very red.

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