The Past 7 Days and Christmas

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. I participated in the Winter 2009 run of 7 Days again, and these were my shots. You can enjoy the slideshow, and you can also click on over to my Flickr site if you’d like to check out the captions and notes on the pictures.
This run took us right up through Christmas, and was (is) quite fun. Christmas was really nice this year. It ended up being Kev and I and our kids, my parents, Kev’s mom and brother and sister, and my grandma all hanging out up at our place. We kept it simple this year with steaks for dinner, and one big family gift, (from Kev and I) a Wii. Everybody hung out bowling, boxing, playing baseball and tennis yesterday, and now we’re all sore today (Ha ha! How out of shape are we?) Even my grandma was able to figure it out and kicked some butt in the bowling alley!


This year I actually had a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve, which hasn’t happened to me since I was a teenager! I was super excited to watch the kids open their presents. Christmas is great when you’re a kid, then you grow up and the excitement kind of wears thin. Then after you have kids, everything becomes new again, as you watch them experience the magic of it all. This year, it was fun to have 3 really expressive kids on Christmas morning. Drew opened his stocking and commented on everything. “Socks! What?” “Star Wars Cards!!! Awesome!! That’s just what I wanted! I love you Mom!!!” Then he did a happy dance when he opened his Lego Star Wars gift from my sister…

Beau was happy with his haul too, but I think he was a little bummed he didn’t have more presents to open… oh well, you can’t win them all.

Beau Opening Auntie Hannah's Present

Selah would have been totally happy if all her presents had only been candy. That is what she was most interested in, and I had a hard time keeping it away from her.

Selah on Christmas Morning

My parents got Rory the cutest little pair of lambskin booties, which I am particularly grateful for, as this is looking like a long winter and they will keep her toes nice and warm.

Rory and her new Booties

My grandma sat down and asked if Kevin got me anything pretty for Christmas this year (we only stuffed stockings for each other this year in addition to getting the Wii) and I said, “Yes… a nice crisp fifty dollar bill.” 😉 He was super super busy this season (when is he not?) preparing for the Christmas Eve service in which he played guitar and a bell-kit. He also had a bunch of clients wanting to get last minute things done. And I’m not complaining, we are blessed to still have plenty of business these days! And my hubby is an excellent provider!

Life is good… what more can I say. Hope your holidays were especially fantastic this year! Love you all!
If you’d like to see the entire Christmas set of photos click here.


5 thoughts on “The Past 7 Days and Christmas

  1. Thanks for all the pictures! It was as close to being there as we could get! I am glad the kiddos enjoyed the gifts. We had fun picking them out. I can’t believe you got Grandma to bowl on the wii….we need pictures of That! Love you.

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