Mums the Word

So sorry (yet again) that I’ve been rather silent. I’ve been rather sick for the last 8 days, and haven’t wanted to bore/depress you with ranting about that. But I guess the truth is, sometimes you just need to let it out. I’ve been sick. Waaaaahhhhh! Couldn’t tell you what I’ve been sick with, meaning, no I don’t know if it was the H1N1 virus. But fortunately for me and the rest of my family, none of us have been so bad that we’ve had to be hospitalized (the only way they will test you to see if that is what you have.) All symptoms in all members of my family (every single one of us) point to “yeah, probably.” Even so… I’m still re-evaluating my decision to not get the vaccination, because if this wasn’t that dreaded virus… than that means we can still get it, and that kind of freaks me out. Normally, I’m not one of those people who gets all up in arms about the flu season, but this year is different. Yes, having a baby in November (or any other flue season months) is pretty scary. So yeah… don’t get pregnant during the beginning months of the year. Spring and summer are the best times to have your babies!
Meanwhile, since I AM the pregnant lady, I seem to be taking the longest to get better. I am also the one taking all the immune boosters too. Vitamin C, L-Lysine, Chlorella, Prenatal Multi-Vitamin… which is also probably why I didn’t get completely knocked on my rear with it, but still… If I go into labor anytime soon (I’m due exactly a week from today) all I’ll need to do is cough, and she’ll come right out. πŸ™‚ Ha ha.
So there you have it… the being sick rant. I know it will be over soon, but sometimes…like I said, you just need to let it out. All that being said, I really am getting better, I can tell… it’s just slow going. But slow and steady wins the race, right? I am sooo very much a turtle. No wonder they’re my favorite animal. πŸ˜‰
Oh, and just so you know, baby girl is doing just fine. She has wiggled and stretched, and kicked, and hiccuped her way throughout the whole thing. I think she is more than ready to come out.


4 thoughts on “Mums the Word

  1. I love turtles! And you’re one great turtle. You’re doing great. You’re coming down the home stretch. We’re praying for you all and trusting that everybody will soon be back in the saddle. We fully understand your feeling that sometimes you just have to “let it out.”
    Love you all!!

  2. Being sick while preggers is the worst. With one of mine, I had an ear infection another a sinus infection….. and another… I had to have a root canal. Oh, and I found out that I was allergic to ammoxicillin.

    Hopefully now, you’ll start to feel better.

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