OOps, I Fell Off the Wagon Again

Sorry guys… I just have not been able to keep up with the blogging. Things have just been excessively busy, and that’s pretty much a good thing. Most of my time has been consumed with making meals, cleaning house (which has included a fair amount of nesting), grocery shopping, weekly blood lab appointments, weekly midwife appointments, weekly visits to the pottery studio, taxiing Drew to and from school, doing homework and reading with Drew, book-keeping for my husband’s business, and raising Beau and Selah in the between times. I’ve also been reading (just finished actually) the Inheritance Cycle, and watching Battlestar Galactica with Kev. Then last week I participated in 7 Days, which definitely stretched me. I have never wanted to quit more than I did last week! But I didn’t- I made it through, and I’ll post each picture to show you!

7 Days, Day 3: Harvest
Day 3
Here’s a shot with a lot of the tomatoes I’ve harvested this year, thus bringing sort of a conclusion to my gardening journey this year. I did bring in several orange/green ones just yesterday, hoping they’ll ripen up for some more salsa or tomato sauce. It’s getting really cold quickly and I know they wont last much longer. My tomatillos, which you can see a few of in this shot, didn’t really come through. My plant was huge, but the fruits grew too late, so there were very little to harvest, and I don’t think they’ll make it much longer.

7 Days, Day 4
Here’s a peak into my everyday life, which I have always felt is an essential part of the self portrait anyways. There is so much in between time that is never even mentioned, much less caught on camera. The funny thing is, I was having a low inspiration night this night, so just decided to start clicking off photos. This was my favorite.

7 Days, Day 5: Night
This day’s theme was “Night”, and I did indeed snap this at night, and I am actually in this picture. You may have to drag it into photoshop and lighten things up if you don’t believe me. But if you squint just right, or move your screen around, you’ll be able to see the faint outline of my jaw and my nose.

7 Days, Day 6
This was the result of yet another low inspiration, high fatigue night. I kind of liked it, so I tweaked it a bit in photoshop…

7 Days, Day 7: (Almost) 36 weeks
And of course, what would a run be right now, without the belly shot. Here I am at almost 36 weeks. If you want to know how that is going, there will be a new post in the baby monologues shortly here. 🙂


4 thoughts on “OOps, I Fell Off the Wagon Again

  1. Whoa!!!!
    Like… SCREAMIN’ BIZZZZZZY!!!!!!!!
    No wonder you had a “low inspiration” night.
    But somehow, you still manage to do such a GREAT JOB with everything. What a gal!!!!

    Yes, I DID see you in that dark pic.
    Gives a new meaning to “dark art.”

  2. These are amazing photos!! I love so many of them…the tomatoes, and the bottom pregnancy shot are awesome! You have a midwife too? That is what I did and I was SO happy that way. I went through Mesa Midwives.

  3. Thanks for expending the effort to write! You know it just makes the day for some of your readers (not to put you under pressure or anything :). I love that you share thoughts and pictures that are so full of reality and joy of life – not just the formal, perfect, contrived photo-ops.

  4. That pregnancy shot is amazing. It should seriously be on the cover of Fit Pregnancy or something. What a perfect outline. I love it.

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