My Daughter…

…likes to stick things up her nose.

So last night, unbeknownst to me because the door was shut to my room and I didn’t realize it, so I thought I could hear everything, but could not, Selah had crawled out of her crib and made her way into our laundry room.

The Damage
…and this is what she did… You may have to click on the photo to view it larger, but what you see there is an open utility closet with various cleaning items, towels and toilet paper dragged out of it. The toilet paper is all shredded up. We realized she was out of bed when we heard a weird cough come from her general direction, and Kevin went to check on her and discovered her, desperately trying to breathe through her nose. She had stuffed quite a bit of the shredded toilet paper up there.
After trifling with her, and aspirator and tiny tweezers for a good 20 minutes, this is what we extracted:
What We Pulled OUT of Selah's Nose
(I’m pretty sure we got it all out.)

Selah watched from her crib as I picked up her mess in the laundry room. She obviously thought it was pretty amusing so I decided to take a picture of her…

The Mug Shot
Not unlike a mug-shot, no?

Neither one of us can figure out why she likes to stick things up her nose, as this is not the first time we’ve had to remove things from it. But apparently she hasn’t learned her lesson…

Selah Likes to Stick thing Up Her Nose


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