7 Days is Here Again!

Has it been 3 months already? (Yes, yes it has, 3 long months actually…) Ahem… anyways…

7 Days, Day 1: A Wee Bit Sick

So… not the most creative or awe inspiring photo, but definitely indicative of what’s been going on in my life today. I seem to have caught some lovely bug that my children brought home (via the church nursery, no doubt.) It started yesterday with the full body joint aches, and then this morning and most of the day I struggled with lovely gut-wrenching stomach cramps. Oh, and let us not forget that I’m 35 weeks pregnant. Yeah.
I seem to be doing a little bit better this afternoon, so I’ve been reading my book and flitting around the internet while curled up on the couch. The baby seems to be just fine too, she hasn’t stopped moving at all today. I’m hoping to be back to my normal self tomorrow.
Anyways, Happy 7 Days Fall 2009 People!


3 thoughts on “7 Days is Here Again!

  1. Really sorry to hear you are under the weather. Get what rest you can because soon there will be FOUR! Then you will have lightened your personal load and you can allow the OTHER FOUR to help you with the FOURTH. So, go FORTH and get some rest so you will feel better on Oct 4TH. Go FOR it!!
    (OK, I got carried away 🙂

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