Color Sunday

So where I live in Colorado is close to the world’s largest flat-top mountain, known as the Grand Mesa. It’s a beautiful place to go visit for camping, fishing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking… etc. There are a bajillion lakes up there too, so if you’re up during the summer months, don’t forget your super-strong mosquito repellent! This time of the year the trees start to change, and our valley has what they call “Color Sunday,” and lots of people drive up there and take in the beautiful array of fall colors. It really is gorgeous. Our normal Sunday routine was out the window today, so we decided to take advantage and have ourselves a nice little trip out of town to view the fall colors and breathe some nice fresh mountain air.

All of Us but Kev
Unfortunately, there is only one or two pics of Kev in this whole set because he was the photographer. So I guess he’s there in a sense; after all we wouldn’t have any of these great shots without him.

What happens when you tell them to give you their biggest smiles.

Throwing a Rock
Boys will be boys. Beau tossing a rock (or maybe a pine-cone) into the lake.

Selah and Cherry
Selah walking with Grandma Cherry. We had to work hard to keep her from going into the lake. Silly girl.

Selah. The only reason she’s sitting remotely still is because she thought it was cool to be sitting on a rock.

Kids on the Rock
Kids on the rock.

My handsome little dude, Drew.

A Hottie and a Cutie
There’s our photographer! It’s too bad he wasn’t in more of the shots, because he’s a hottie!

Grandma Cherry and Selah
Grandma Cherry and Selah, who look a bit alike, if I do say so myself.

Selah and Beau on the Trail
It’s Selah, and Beau! I have no idea what Beau is doing, but Selah sure is cute.

Grandma and the Kids
In action, but smiling none-the-less.

The Ladies
The ladies. Selah is having a jolly old time tugging on my earring.

A borrowed prop. Thank you, to whoever this boat belongs to.

Most definitely plotting their world domination. Looks like fun.

Lake View

Of course, if you’d like to see the whole set, just click on any of the photos to go to my Flickr page.

It was a really nice day, very refreshing, and it went by waaaaay tooooo fast!


6 thoughts on “Color Sunday

  1. Wow!! So crazy…we were up there today too and I was thinking of doing a post on it, lol. The Mesa is gorgeous, huh? I love camping up there.

    Your kids are sooo super cute!! (but you already knew that, right?);) Also, love the boat prop for pics!

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