Weekend Update

What? It’s not the weekend, you say. Well, it is for me. Drew doesn’t have school tomorrow, and as I have been getting up around 6- 6:30 a.m. for four days in a row, (for three weeks now) I’m more than ready to sleep in. Drew will generally be having his Fridays off, depending on the week. (If they have a Monday off, they’ll go through Friday to make sure they have enough school days for the year… etc.) The three day weekends are very nice. One thing they neglect to tell parents (before conception) is that when your kids start going to school, that essentially means that you, the parent, are back in school as well. Except now, you don’t get the joy of being in class. No, you get to do the fun part: the homework! Ha ha. Drew and I have been slogging through homework now for three weeks, and let me tell you. We are both relieved when the weekend comes, and his teachers mercifully do not give him over-the-weekend homework. Thank God for that! We are both learning and growing though, and that is something that is very important to me and that I see as incredibly valuable. One thing that I’ve been able to pinpoint with this whole adventure, is that I don’t want my kids to just “skate by” with their education. I want them to strive for excellence, not mediocrity, and I feel like this school is really upholding that standard. Aside from the homework struggle though, Drew is doing really well. He has, on more than one occasion, received kudos for good behavior (something that NEVER happened last year,) and yesterday his teacher told me he was doing really well. She said she worries when kids come in late (start attending late,) but that Drew is so driven that he’s doing just fine! (Thank you to Kevin for the “driven” gene.) I was so glad to hear that, and also so thankful for a communicative teacher. After some apprehensive weeks of not being sure about our decision to send him there, I feel like we’ve done the right thing. Whew! Sigh of relief. The homework thing will come around too. We’re trying new things to see what works best, and I think I’ve got a method that will work.

On the home front, this week has seen Selah discovering how to crawl out of her crib. Honestly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen a lot sooner. I think both of the boys were crawling out somewhere shortly after they turned 1. The other night Kevin and I were both jolted awake by the sound of one our kitchen stools scraping across the floor, (such a lovely sound!) and lo and behold, Selah was out there. She had also wreaked havoc on the bathroom, so we really don’t know how long she was awake and wandering about the house. Yeah, scary, I know! Nap-time has also been interesting, but I think we’ve got that one under control. Just call me the “Nap Warden.” Ha ha.

I wish I could say I’ve been pretty productive this week, but not really. I feel like I’ve spent most of the week recovering from a migraine that I had on Monday. The headache ironically came not 30 minutes after I had tweeted about deciding to be happy and productive despite my grumpy mood that morning. (Do you doubt that God has a sense of humor? I don’t.) Anyways, it left me with a bit of a fragile head the rest of the week. I’ve also been getting more and more tired as the pregnancy wears on. I feel like I can only schedule one event for the day because just the one event wipes me out! Oh well… (More news about that in the Baby Monologues.)

My garden has done really well too. I’ve had lots and lots of grape and cherry tomatoes, and have really enjoyed those. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m ruined as far as eating the grocery store variety now, they just don’t taste near as good! I’ve estimated I’ve picked about 40 large tomatoes so far this summer. We’ve enjoyed lots of fresh salsa and no-cook tomato sauce. I’ve had a few jalepenos, and a handful of cucumbers. I think next summer, with a larger garden, we’ll have a little more space to grow those a little better. I trimmed off a few of the non-flowering branches off the tomato plants to hopefully encourage the rest of the green tomatoes to ripen here before it gets too cold. Don’t ask me where I get my weird gardening ideas from. It’s stuff I glean from random sources here and there, but the pruning seems to be working so far! This is very much a trial by error process for me, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the garden has pretty much already payed for itself too. Looking forward to a bigger one next summer!

And I think that about sums it up for this little weekend update. Hope you all have fab weekends!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. FORTY TOMATOES!!! Wow. I need a hotter climate.

    I’m so glad Drew is doing well! Classical education is awesome. And so are hands-on, homework helping parents. He’s going to get so much out of all that!

  2. It sounds like this school is really working out well for him! Give him a big extra hug for those good behavior points. 😉

    Aren’t you LOVING this weather we’ve been having?!!

  3. Regarding Selah up and about in the kitchen and parts unknown – You’ve seen the picture of Kev up early getting breakfast at 18 months….When the younger two were Selah’s age I had to remember to put away the sharpe dangerous kitchen tools from the dishwasher as soon as it finished at night because the kids would get up early next morning and go exploring among the air-drying dishes.

  4. I have tried, like three times, to write the nice thing that is in my head, but it won’t come out right. It is supposed to be something like, hey! go easy on yourself. But, my brain isn’t functioning well, so… just go easy on yourself. =)

  5. we have been struggling with homework here too with the 4 year old. He is doesn’t want to do it! I am hoping that as the year wears on he will get better at just doing it so he can play!

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