A Few Thoughts on My Weekend

Communication is key.
Trying to make solid plans for a not so solid schedule is rather difficult.
Sulfur, 10 million tons of cat poop, cow poop and mothballs, plus a skunk to smell in one weekend is… gross.
Seeing old and good friends again is pretty cool.
Some things are overrated.
Sisters who are my best friends are some of God’s best gifts.
Soap does not taste good.. (SELAH!)
What is appropriate or respectful is apparently relative. (HA!)
Hello Boundaries!
Hibachi grills kick arse. (And are really good for entertaining children while eating a nice dinner out.)
I really like my KING sized bed.
Awkward situations, are…well… awkward.
Long car rides home are a blessing for marriages.
Some things are underrated.
Some things are awful and embarrassing but absolutely necessary.
Sometimes you need to talk about it, but can only get away with being cryptic.


5 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on My Weekend

  1. Somehow, I understand most of what you said. That is… according to my own version of it and how what you said relates to my own life experiences.
    I hope you can reflect on your weekend and have a good laugh. šŸ™‚

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