An Announcement

Don’t worry, the vacation re-cap will return shortly…

Just wanted to let you all know, and you probably do anyways, that we had our ultrasound yesterday,
and we are having another GIRL!!! I have to say that my father-in-law’s and grandmother-in-laws predictions were correct! And honestly, I had thought it was a girl for quite a while myself, after I got over my disbelief that anyone could be that blessed. What I mean by that, is that at first I was convinced I was going to have another boy (NOT that that is a bad thing, by any means!), because who could be so lucky to have 2 boys and 2 girls? (Plenty of people, I know, I just didn’t think I would be included in that group.) So, I feel incredibly blessed and loved, and very happy to have a genderly (yes I made up that word) balanced family.

She is perfectly healthy as well, by all accounts on her ultrasound. Everything looked just right! And as soon as I figure out how to take a decent picture of my ultrasound pics, and/or acquire a scanner, I will post pictures of her.


6 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. YEAH!! I am so happy that your beautiful little girl is healthy. And, although we are off balance genderly, (I used your word!!) it still makes me giddy when others find themselves genderly balanced. =) And, who knows, we may or may not have more, so we may end up genderly balanced one day as well!! =) YEA!!!! Grins, giggles, hugs!!

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