So over this last weekend we had a little bit of a dramatic event. (She says with a bit of sarcasm in her tone.) Apparently Drew and Beau were playing nicely outside when all of the sudden, Drew either starts antagonizing Beau or bossing him in some way. I’m not really sure, all I heard Beau say was, “Drew threw my roley-poley!!” Well, this antagonization annoyed Beau enough that he decided to retaliate and stood up to whack Drew with his handy-dandy purple light-saber. I’m not sure whether the light-saber actually connected with Drew or not, but I know he did major-ly overreact, fall over and hit his head on one of our metal patio chairs, causing his head to spurt blood, and both boys to go into hysterics. I never saw any of the fight, I was happily preparing dinner in the kitchen when I heard the hysterics start. I ran out to see Drew walking in with Kevin holding his bleeding head and Beau trailing behind them looking rather sorry. At this point, everybody thought that Beau had hit Drew with the light-saber and made him bleed. I guess in a way he sort of did, but I think it was an issue where the responsibility for what happened falls equally on both of their shoulders. Anyways. We fixed the head, and everything is okay there, no stitches necessary, and think both boys learned a lesson. (Okay, I’m not so sure about the last one, ehem.)
Fast forward to this morning, after we have just experienced both of the boys spill large amounts of cereal, dry and full of milk on the floor. Kevin starts explaining to Drew that he needs to use his head in order to avoid situations like this in the future. Then Drew says, “I can’t use my head right now, because it’s bleeding.” (Insert eye-roll here.) Omigoodness… some days, I just don’t know what I’m going to do with these goofy kiddos. At least they’re funny!


5 thoughts on “Drama-Kings.

  1. Sarah – it sounds like you are going to have lot’s of excitement around your house! Boyz will be boyz.

    I had two son’s….then I had Kelli. Boyz are definitely different to deal with….they don’t verbalize the way that girl’s do and talk a heck of a lot less!

    I enjoyed my kids so much! Just like I know that you are enjoying yours. So glad that no one was hurt too badly and maybe, just maybe, a lesson was learned.

  2. Oh, no! Do they not realize how much work went into making their little selves, how many hours of labor to bring them forth into this world and then they just go off willy-nilly and break each other?
    Love the ‘my head is bleeding’ comment. Too funny!

  3. I may have to agree with comment #3,at this moment, Landon talks WAY more then I thought boys were capable of! Its almost constant some days. Now Bella is not quite 2, so I guess we will see how she chips in!
    Anywho, I giggled a little about Drew not using his head 🙂 Sounds like he is a quick thinker in spite of his “injury”

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