Garden Progress and Stuff

Peeking around the Side of the House
Beau and Selah examining the garden space and probably some bugs.

The Garden-to-Be
It took me most of the day to weed this entire thing, which really is not that big. It’s about 2 feet by 16 feet. Of course, I took a break here and there, and was pretty sore after the fact, but Kev gave me a nice long back-rub later, bless his heart!

Weeded Garden
And here’s the weed-free product. (I should say “relatively”, because I know there’s some roots I wasn’t able to dig out.)

Tomatoes in Waiting
Here’s my tomato plants that are waiting forlornly for better ground… gotta hurry up and get that topsoil put in.

Purple Columbines
And here’s my lovely columbines. They are my favorite flower.

Breakfast for Dinner Outside
And here’s the family enjoying breakfast for dinner outside one of the beautiful evenings this week.

Also… if you want to hear a little story about termites and see an updated belly shot, check the Baby Monologues.


8 thoughts on “Garden Progress and Stuff

  1. I am so glad you put that little hint, hint to check the Baby Monologue… it’s very helpful! Because I was so disappointed that you were covering up your belly in that beautiful family picture. Or maybe you just don’t have one yet… =) I’m off to see!

  2. I hope no bugs were eaten in the clearing of your garden! I too am off to see your baby progress, I am living vicariously through you! LOL j/k 🙂

  3. the last garden I put in was when I was Huge preggers with REL – abadonded due to mosquito infestation !!! after all that work !!! you are gonna love what youve done here , good job

  4. That garden spot looks perfect! You did such a nice job on it. Your tomato plants will be so excited, they will practically jump into it!! Watch for their great big rosy red smile. 🙂

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