A Random Update

-I am officially feeling better. Do not have the morning sickness blues anymore. Still have to stay on top of my eating schedule, and still not much for chicken, but doing much better.

-I am also slowly working on my salsa garden and flower gardens around the house. It takes quite a lot of energy, so like I said, it’s slow-going. But I’m finding that I really enjoy digging in the dirt, and watching my little plants grow. I did a lot of weed pulling a bit ago, and boy, was I sore the next day. (Can you say “out of shape”!?)

-Speaking of being out of shape… I’ve been trying to slowly get back into decent shape. Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything too ambitious at all. Just trying to take regular and longer walks, which should help with all sorts of things in the long run. Walked 3 miles with my mom and the kids the other day up Glenwood Canyon. It was a gorgeous spring day. We would’ve walked farther I believe, but Beau was putting up a stink about being tired. (I need to get yet another double-stroller again.)

-Mother’s day weekend was really enjoyable this year. On Saturday evening my parents, grandmother and the kids and I all went to church, where Kev was playing drums that weekend. It was a fabulously applicable sermon, and I really appreciated it. Then we all headed out to a nice little restaurant in the neighboring town and really enjoyed ourselves. My grandma seemed to be having a really good time too, which was extra special. Then Sunday we spent the afternoon with Kevin’s family enjoying a nice lunch from KFC, courtesy of Kev’s mom. We hung out outside quite a bit that afternoon watching the kids frolic around with bubbles, and Kev and Philip jump up, around, and over trees. (Philip is a free-running enthusiast.)

-Today we got up early (well… the same time we always do, actually) and headed over to Philip’s graduation. (Phil is Kev’s brother by the way… I don’t know if I said that before.) It was 8:30 in the morning. At first I wondered at what I thought was an odd hour to have a graduation, but thank goodness it was, because boy did it get hot quick! Can’t imagine it being later in the day!

-I’ve been feeling rather happy lately. It’s a nice thing.


5 thoughts on “A Random Update

  1. Chicken bothered me when I was pregnant. Especially when it was in the early stages of being cooked.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    I got my garden planted on Mother’s Day and I’m still paying for it. Well, I also spread a big bag of fertilizer on the lawn and a bag of bug killer. Then moved 4 bags of garden mulch onto the garden. THEN planted. The Advil just wears off too quickly.

  2. Hooray for gardening and happy Mama days!!

    And speaking of free running, have you seen this new flash mob thing called cryptozoo? It’s pretty funny.

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