If You Want to See Something Kind of Funny

I got interviewed about the swine flu the other day.
When you click on the link, look at the little video screen on the upper right of the page, and scroll through the clips until you get to the one titled “District 51 Preparing for Swine Flu,” (It may be on the third page of clips) click on it, and pay attention because my clip is very short. Hee hee. I was at the play area at our local mall when they asked for the interview, and that is why it is so loud in the back-ground…


6 thoughts on “If You Want to See Something Kind of Funny

  1. Then again, if I were wearing less-than-flattering red polka dot skort/overalls in a group of thirty other girls and guys wearing equally embarrassing attire, dancing and singing to old Disney music, I would have been just fine. Strangely. Why is that, I wonder?

  2. You did great the lady after you had me laughing though. My kids have been using germx more but that’s about it. That stuff is the worst things to use in situations like this!

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