Overheard, and Not So Overheard

Overheard at the play area at the mall just last week.

Drew, to a random kid his age: “Do you have moves?”

The random kid responds by doing some random circles and skips and jumps, and says: “Yeah can you do moves like that?”

Drew: “Actually my moves are pretty great.”
Drew then does random twists and jumps off some of the equipment, and says: “My moves are pretty mysterious.”

Said right to me last week, as I was slouched in a chair reading my book.
Drew, who I’m sure had the best of intentions: “Mom, I can see that your belly is getting pretty fat now.”
Me: “Thaaaaaaaanks.”
(If the above requires explanation… when we told the kids they were going to have a new brother or sister, Drew skeptically looked down at my belly, most assuredly wondering why I wasn’t “fat” yet, as he says. In his mind, he associates being pregnant with a fat belly, so being fat when you’re pregnant is a good thing…)


5 thoughts on “Overheard, and Not So Overheard

  1. Im sorry, but I just kept seeing scenes from Napolian Dynamite when talking about Drews “moves” hahaaahaa. Too cute. Gotta love kids perceptions of things.

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