Number Four

Number Four


15 thoughts on “Number Four

  1. Holy Cupcakes Batman!! What was going on in that Bat Cave anyway?? Do those blue lines mean there is another super hero on the way??
    If so… congratulations!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Holy Moly! As someone who has three already too… first thing that popprf into my head is that you are a brave, brave, BRAVE woman. But seeing as with three you still manage to pull off homemade batman fondant birthday cakes, something tells me it’ll be a piece of cake for you… Congratulations from the great white North!

  3. hmmmm I wonder who this one is gonna be? Whoever it is, she- he- will have quite an act to follow,and you and Kev,get to keep up, better take your vitamins !!! lets see, how many arrows are in a quiver? Children are a blessing from the Lord, even if they do make you lose sleep,CONGRADULATIONS !!!! is this gonna be another Christmas baby???

  4. That was the most awesome post. My google reader shows me two posts, I click, I see the picture. It takes a little bit of time to make the connection, since I am sleep deprived as well, and then
    WHAT!!! Praise God, He is Good and Gracious and is adding to your beautiful family!!! I am so, so excited for you and I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for this crazy internet thing that allows me to rejoice in God’s blessing upon your life with you!!
    P.S. I should have known!!! You were SERIOUSLY rockin’ those turquoise earrings, and you did have a certain “glow.” =)

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