The Big Batman Birthday Party

As told in pics…
Goofy Boys
As you can see… Drew is a little more expressive, but they are super jazzed about the party. They are about to open some presents.

Opening the Much Asked For Batman Castle
Beau had been asking for this Batman Castle since before Christmas. He was thrilled and kept thanking me for it all day long.

The Batman Cupcakes
The Batman Cupcakes, constructed by Kevin and myself. The bats are made out fondant, except THIS time, I made the fondant myself, using this recipe, and it was kind of fun, if a little bit messy, and the fondant actually tasted good, unlike the store-bought stuff which tastes and smells like glue.
I was all set to painstakingly cut out each little bat by hand, when Kev came to my rescue and created this for me.

Batman Cookie Cutter
We used an old and flexible cookie cutter, and some wire shaping pliers and tadaaaa! there it is. It was fun to create these together.

Kev also sculpted the Batman “head” for Beau’s special cake as well. (Which I covered in fondant.)
The Batman Head Cake for Beau

Dragon and Sir Beau
Beau received this knight outfit from my mother, and it was also a hit. He didn’t take it off the rest of the day. Even after he put his pajamas on at night, he put it back on over them. I didn’t let him sleep in it though. And… he’s wearing it right now as well… The dragon outfit is one we picked up a few weeks ago at our local Tuesday Morning for $10.

A few of the participants…
Allison and Honor
3/4 of the Wolfe's

Papa Alan, reading one of Beau’s cards to him. Starting to see a resemblance there, actually…
Papa and Sir Beau

Four Generations…
Four Generations, and a Squeeze
My Grandmother, Mom, me and Selah. (And one of the few times I sat down that day…)

Skate-Dragon Attacks!
Apparently the dragon flies.

Blowing Out the Candles
Four candles!!!

Batman Bakery at Your Service!
Service with a smile!

Biiiig Bite, Buddy!
Taking a big bit outta life!

It was a good day, and fun was had by all…. Can’t believe my little dude is already four! Yikes!


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