It was a Bright and Sudsy Morning

So this morning as I was lying in bed, wishing I was still asleep and listening to the boys make their usual morning sounds in the kitchen (you know boys sounds, repetitive honking, vrooming, sword fighting sounds…etc…) I suddenly heard the thudding sound of footsteps heading my way.
“MOM! MOM! There’s a big, there’s a big… BLOB of water in the kitchen!!”

Uh-oh, I thought, and gave up trying to sleep and hopped out of bed to go see what the damage was, as Kev, who was also listening, came flying out of the bathroom. We got to the kitchen and encountered this:


I decided to approach it as something funny, and of course, great blog fodder, and grabbed the camera. Kev kept impatiently telling me to “Take the picture!!” I was having problems with the flash. Pardon the shadow of my head… I think. Anyways…

Suds up to Your Ears

I was really relieved that this little snafu was not my fault. Kev had started the dishwasher in the wee hours of the morning and put dish-soap in accidentally. It pays to read those labels…
I also took the opportunity to mop the floor with all the soapy suds, even though I feel like mopping the floor is often a futile effort.

Especially when you feed your daughter peanut butter toast and yogurt later.

Yogurt Face


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