I’m a Bad Blogger

Uh… can you say slacker? Because that’s what I’ve been with the ol’ blog. Sorry about that.
It’s so funny, I went to do a post about three hours ago, which was interrupted by who knows what, and just now came back- and am in a totally different writing mood. Does anybody know what I mean?
Might be really bad if I ever decide to write a novel… (But I’ll worry about that bridge when I come to it.) Also explains why it might seem like I have multiple personalities. Ha ha!

So on that note… lets get out some random tidbits here…

-Kev and I were seriously talking about going up to the Pacific Northwest (Like Portland, and Seattle…etc.) for spring break. I really thought we were going to do it for about a day there, and found myself getting pretty stressed about it. I’m finding that I like to have plenty of time to plan for these sorts of things. So, due to Kevin’s job being in the very early stages of development here (more or less) we decided that it would probably be wise to stay put for now. Plus, I think it would be a little more fun to go up there during the summer. (Am I right, Pacific Northwesterners?) So I’m feeling much less stressed now.

-Unfortunately, probably partly due to the stress I was feeling, I ended up with a migraine this morning. The migraines have been changing on me. (I don’t know if I should be alarmed by this?) I used to get blind spots and see little flashy things about 20 minutes before I get one, kind of a handy little warning, actually. Recently, they’ve been arriving full force in the morning when I wake up, after going to bed with just a smidgen of a headache in one of my temples. There have been a lot fewer of them recently too, so I can’t complain about that. (Hmmm… wonder if it’s because of the higher quality eye care?)

-Beau’s fourth birthday is this weekend. (That was another thing I was stressing about.) He’s all about Batman this year. I think I could probably just get him the Batman cave he’s been asking for (for MONTHS!) and that would be enough. But I’m going to throw him a little family/friends party anyways. Hey, it’s a good excuse to hang out.

-I’ve been wanting to read “the Classics” (books) for a while now. Just a desire to be more “well read,” I guess. I don’t know what necessarily qualifies as a classic, but I think I’ll start with that list that is going around facebook right now. (Ha ha… that’s pretty funny… I got a “Classics” list from facebook.)

-My hubby just got back from the Dentist (at 8:15 p.m.!) and… I just feel really bad for him. He’s starving and his jaw really hurts. You can read all about it right here.

-Selah has been a challenge and half lately! I didn’t know what I was getting into having a girl. She very obviously identifies with me, since I am a girl, and consequently is always imitating me, and directly under my feet. The unfortunate thing is that she often goes behind and un-does everything I have just done. She likes to dig the dirt out of my potted plants and scatter it on the carpet. She pulls her stool or chair up to the counter and reaches for all sorts of things. Two weeks ago, she found my cell phone, and a glass of water up there, and dunked the cell in the water. Bye, bye cell phone! She regularly gets up to my desk, and if there are any papers up there, watch out! They will be scattered all over the floor in 2 seconds flat. But I love her so very much! She is the cutest thing I have ever known, and I’m very flattered that she thinks I’m cool enough that she wants to do whatever it is that I do all the time.

– Okay…that’s six things, and this post is getting very wordy. Going to go watch Lost with my poor aching hubby.


8 thoughts on “I’m a Bad Blogger

  1. hmmm. about headaches. I have started getting those blind spot thingies and then flashing lights but they never actually turn into headaches. The eye doctor told me they were ocular migraines and that in some people they manifest into full blown migraines and in some people, they do not. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. really.

    And it’s funny cause I often think that I had no idea what I was getting into having a boy after two girls! In my naive younger years i figured that there was no difference between boys and girls, it was all in how you parent them. But I have come to learn as a mom of girls and a boy that there is a major difference! And it is not because of anything I have done!

  2. Man, I’m sorry about the migraines! That sucks a lot. And I totally know what you mean about having a shadow. When Naiah was that age she spent a lot of time in the backpack, because that way she could watch every tiny thing I did without having her hands in the middle of it all the time. I think that’s why to this day she’s the most into cooking of all the kids.

  3. First of all yes you are a bad blogger. Now get better! J/K And about the migraines I would go to the doctor and ask them. I think if it deals that closely to your brain might as well get it checked out đŸ™‚ I can totally relate to the whole Selah paragraph. I completely forgot how little girls were since my oldest is now 8. Peanut is something else lately and her favorite word is NO. Can drive a Mama crazy!

  4. Oh. Yes. The Pacific Northwest isn’t any good until after the 4th of July.

    And girls and boys…. totally different creatures.

    Bummer on the migraines….my sister get’s them, but since she had her laser surgery… again, she’s doing better with them.

  5. I am glad you’re back in blogging action!! I have been getting really bad headaches as well, but I don’t know if they’re migraines? How did you know? Have you seen the doctor, and how do they treat it?

  6. Ok 1. I grew up in Portland, its AWESOME! Spring time is so pretty, although I really recommend going during Rose Festival. The parades are so much fun and the waterfront can be really cool. Summer is great, there is very little humidity and man you are making me homesick!
    and 2. The Princess does a lot of the same things as Selah! Oh its fun isn’t it?! She does the same thing with her little stool, she loves to get her big brothers juice cup (its lidless!) and the other day she threw it across the room so I couldn’t take it from her! But she is so sweet, and I can’t imagine life without her!
    I am sorry you are getting migraines, mine seem to be less then they used to be. I hope yours go away altogether!

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