Now for Some Pics

Not last weekend, and not the one before that, but the one before that (got that?) we went up to my parents house to spend the weekend and a little time in the backyard sledding. Who knew the best hill was always right behind my parents house?
It was a beautiful sunny day, and we really enjoyed ourselves, especially Selah. This was her first year sledding. (At least I do not think I was stupid enough to take her down the hill with me last year… but I could be wrong.)

Smiling S's

I don’t think my baby girl stopped smiling the entire time! And there were many giggles escaping her mouth as we made our way down the hill.

She's All Smiles

She was a pro in no time!

Mommy and Selah Take their First Run

Then after the boys were “tired” and decided to go inside, my lil’ tough-girl, was still at it! She went for a sled all by herself with no prodding from me!

Selah Checking out the Purple Sled

Then she actually slid down all on her own! (with mom and daddy running along beside her of course!) I was so proud of my girl!

Drew and Beau also took their first snowboard runs, and were naturals.

Drew's First Attempt on the Snowboard

I was also super proud of them, and impressed by hubby’s skills (and must take credit for having a quick trigger finger here!)

Kev Jumps and Catches Some Air and Powder, Brrrrr!

Finally the boys came back out, and took a few more runs before the sun went behind the mountain.

The Brothers are Having a Blast

Click here to see the whole set.


5 thoughts on “Now for Some Pics

  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! We haven’t gone quite yet, its either been to cold, or the snow just isn’t right for sledding. My boys are just itching to get out there. I love that Selah went on her own! Get that girl a sponsor! lol

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