So last night, all of us were in the kitchen, having a discussion about age. Drew and Beau were dreaming about how they’ll be able to do anything they want when they are grown-ups. So I asked them how old they had to be to be an adult. They didn’t know, but they knew how old their uncle was, who just recently became an adult. Then I had them guess how old mommy and daddy are. Drew thought I was 19, since he knows I’m older than his uncle! Ha! Then we rattled off a lot of people’s ages, trying to give him a better base to gauge age from. Then I asked Drew how old his pa-pa (my dad) was. “100!” he shouts! I’m sure my dad will appreciate that one…


5 thoughts on “Perspective…

  1. well,last night when i walked into the bathroom, I noticed that Dad had shaved his beard off !!! whats really bad is he said hed had just his gotee for the last three days.of course i hadnt noticed – oh help –

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