On 2009

This is a make or break year for us. Plain and simple. Sink or swim.
I know that things are not going to be easy this year, and I waiver back and forth on what to do with that information. I know I have a decision. I can either stick my head under the sand, thereby making things harder. It’s hard to do so much with sand (and by ‘sand’ I mean, fear, doubt, lack of confidence and inaction) polluting all your senses. Or I can hit the ground running, and be prepared and ready, and hopefully make things easier. And here’s where you can keep me accountable; I choose to hit the ground running- to do whatever I can to make things better, easier, and to try, unceasingly, to be a positive force in my life and the lives of my family.

That being said, my biggest “resolution” this year, is to get out there and do stuff! I feel like I spend so much time dreaming up and about things to do from my comfy chaise lounge, and this year, I want to get off my rear and participate! I have people to meet, friends to hang with, children to play with, stories to write, cartoons to draw, art pieces to be creating, moments to be had, memories to be created, relationships to strengthen, songs to sing, concrete and wood to be skated, snow to be boarded, dirt to be hiked, sites to be seen, mysteries to be discovered, work to do, and fun to be had!
In so many ways, implied and not:THIS IS A YEAR WITHOUT LIMITS!


7 thoughts on “On 2009

  1. This one will prove to be difficult for my family as well, in fact, the difficulties have already begun. It is nice to know we are not the only ones out there struggling with the momentous task of living this life.

    My biggest resolution was slightly similar to yours. It was to stop resolving to do things and to actually DO them. =)

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