The Last Run of 7 Days

… since this blog is in dire need of some new pics…
… and as somewhat of a photo report of my week of Christmas…

7 Days, Day 1:  My Sister is Here!
My sister, Hannah, and her hubby got to come out for a week to spend Christmas with us, which was a great thing. We figured out that I hadn’t spent a Christmas with my sister since 1999! As she would say, “Holy cow!” I really like to take self portrait pics and put my family in them, since I really feel like they define part of who I am. So I grabbed this opportunity to shoot one with Hannah, because I don’t know when it’ll come up again. And no, I don’t think we look anything alike.(a.k.a. sarcasm.)
7 Days, Day 2:  Happy Solstice!
The theme for this day was “Winter/Summer Solstice”- and I was kind of at a loss for ideas. I don’t know a lot about Solstice celebrations, and what little I do comes from “Little Bear” on Noggin. (Chuckle, chuckle… but seriously.) So… we were eating Christmas cookies, Selah’s in particular being a tree. I believe decorating trees with hanging fruit and nuts, for the animals to come eat is a Solstice tradition (you can also see how this is tied in with Christmas, no?) So… that is my loosely related Solstice shot; Selah eating a decorated tree. Plus, she looks pretty dern cute with green frosting on her face.

7 Days, Day 3: Snow Angel
This day we were supposed to drive an hour up the interstate to spend the evening with my family celebrating Hannah’s birthday. I had the car all packed and ready to go. I’d made a special trip to Sam’s Club to pick up steaks. My hubby even picked up a birthday cake. Then it started to snow. Hard. My hubby left to come home and just about got hit by four different cars. We decided it was best not to travel. I was pretty bummed about it. I was really looking forward to a fun evening with my family. Alas, it was not to be. Later, after the kids went to bed, my hubby and I snuck outside and started playing around in the snow with the camera. This was my favorite shot. Light is courtesy of Kev, but I DID push the remote button. 🙂 All was not lost, and we had fun with the snow. I was really hoping it didn’t do the same thing on Christmas- we needed to get up that road!

7 Days, Day 4: Kev and Sarah Sittin' in a Tree
Here’s a classic Christmas tree shot. I was wanting to play with the lighting from the tree. Kevin was watching me, and jumped in for a shot, and it turned out to be my favorite. And if the look on his face says he’s doing something naughty, it’s because he is. It’s okay. We’re married.

7 Days, Day 5: I'm Right Here
Christmas Eve which is generally a busy day for anyone celebrating Christmas, was complicated by the fact that we got an official winter storm warning. There was a blizzard coming and it was going to hit us at midnight. At that news, we decided we needed to head up to my parents before it hit so we could make it at all. Thus making Christmas eve a rush to get all the clothes packed, presents wrapped, food prepared, and events got to, and a token pair of snowpants for Drew needed to be purchased. Also… we had to track down Kev’s new and shiny Canon 5D Mark II.
So that is where I was all day, and this… this shot, is the ONLY self portrait I shot that day (with said Canon.) Kevin is throwing up some sign with his hands, hence the serious face. We were in his grandparents living room, opening presents. And that is my story.

7 Days, Day 6: Sisterly Feet
We indeed, did make it up to my parents house on Christmas Eve. The roads were dry as a bone, and of course no snow. It did, however, start snowing the next morning, but it was no blizzard.
My parents house was packed to the gills with all of us, and it was sooo much fun. It felt like a real Christmas. After our big turkey feast, my sisters and I decided to chill on the couch together, while beholding the wonder that was my new baby niece. It was a good time.

7 Days, Day 7: In the Cupboard
My last photo, which I was feeling very uninspired about. It was about 12 minutes till midnight, and I realized I still needed to do a portrait. First I took a pic with mini Christmas cookies where my eyes should be, but it looked rather creepy. Then I started playing around with my reflection, and liked how it kind of looked like I was trapped in my cupboard. So I tried to add some expression.

I’m looking forward to the next go-round which I’m hoping and praying will be much warmer! I plan to take some shots out of doors! Yay!


4 thoughts on “The Last Run of 7 Days

  1. yep, this was a Christmas to remember, so fun so very quick ! I love your snow shot the snow looks like water- funny, cause thats what it is. And all your feet are very individualized -however, I think you and Hannah do look alike in different ways. Thank you for making the effort = all of you to be here. LOVE. GMA SUM

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