Don’t Read this if You are Eating

So yesterday, the boys requested apple juice with their breakfast, as per usual. I noticed the liquid hadn’t disappeared in all of 5 seconds, and tried to encourage them to drink it up. Then Drew informed me, “the apple juice tastes like diarrhea!” Which I promptly rebutted, asking him how he knew what that tasted like. The incident passed and I didn’t think much about it. I even served them more apple juice with their lunch, which went strangely un-drunk. It wasn’t till I was washing the dishes later, which included the empty apple juice pitcher that I realized what the problem was. Smelling the strong rotting smell that was emanating from the pitcher, it was clear that the juice had somehow gone bad (though I’m not sure how?) and this “mom of the year” had been trying to get her kids to drink it. Then I thought Drew had come up with a good description of how it tasted, and must have a pretty good imagination. Although, I’m sure the taste of bad juice didn’t require that far of a jump!


7 thoughts on “Don’t Read this if You are Eating

  1. Oh, haha, that’s bad, but don’t feel too upset. My step-mom tried to feed us four pre-school aged girls a pitcher of margarita mix when I was little.

    (It’s lemonade, quit whining!)

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