Early yesterday morning, I was in that sleeping but somewhat conscious state of mind.  I knew that my alarm, which is my cell phone, would be going off soon, maybe my internal clock is kicking in…  And then it did, but wait?  I was thinking, “that is not my alarm tone!  My phone is ringing!  Omigosh! It must be my sister!”  Indeed it was, and she was in labor, and calling me to come to the hospital if I wanted to see that baby be born.  I pulled Selah to me, who was sleeping in between Kevin and I, and began to nurse her, so she wouldn’t be hungry while I was gone.  Then I proceeded to inform Kevin, who couldn’t think of a worse day for himself to have to watch the kids.  It was his very last day at his job, and he had a goodbye lunch and three meetings to attend!  I told him not to worry too much, I was pretty sure Ariel would be done by eight.

Lookin' like her sis

This is Isabella Joy, my second niece!  She was born yesterday morning at 7:13. She weighed in at 6lbs. 3oz. and is 18 3/4 inches long.  She had an hour and forty-five minute labor, and I made it back home in time to kiss Drew goodbye before he went to school.   

More pics on flickr.  


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